MATRIZ changes certification for Level 2 and 3

To enable academic recognition at universities for TRIZ Levels 2 and 3, the (“old”) MATRIZ has again changed the certification. At the four targeted universities in Europe and the USA, the double knowledge test is standard, while in TRIZ certification only one testlevel has been required so far.

Dr. S. Yatsunenko therefore presented a draft to the newly elected MATRIZ Board on 9/21/2022 that includes both direct and indirect assessment of examinees.

The new examination regulations were adopted and include the following:

  • L 2 assessment additionally includes an interview with L4-5 experts for approximately 25 percent of each L2 group.
  • Level 3 assessment will additionally include an interview with L4-5 experts for each L3 candidate.

With this, it is hoped that once the knowledge assessment process is approved in the spring of 2023, the certificates will be recognized by universities.


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