Methodical PRODUCT development
  • TRIZ – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
  • Systematic Innovation
Methodical MARKET development
  • Blue Ocean
  • Use of S-Curves
Methodical BUSINESS MODEL development
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Propositiion Canvas
  • Training Courses / Workshops / Project Monitoring
AULIVE is an Australian-based company that originated the PatentInspiration software and invented the AULIVE method for product innovation. In addition, AULIVE maintains a freely accessible effects database that we use regularly. We are convinced of the PatentInspiration software and use it ourselves. That is why we are partners of AULIVE.
Ideation International Inc. is a Farmington Hills, Michigan (USA) based company that was founded back in 1992. The company has a strong focus on TRIZ, as two of the founders are still TRIZ masters personally trained by Altshuller. They have further developed TRIZ into the Ideation-TRIZ method (in short: I-TRIZ). They apply this to their customer projects and use it in their software. The software developed by Ideation uses the ISQ (Innovation Situation Questionaire). We are very happy to use the software and the associated procedure in longer-term projects.

FACE INNOVATION is a young network of innovators interested in creative thinking and Invention-on-Demand, who strive to sharpen and maintain their knowledge and skills.

The company Face Innovation LLC is behind this network and was founded by members of Ideation International Inc . Accordingly, Face Innovation uses Ideation software and offers its network members an attractive range of training and licensing around Ideation software.
FACE INNOVATION ist ein junges Netzwerk von Innovatoren, die Interesse an kreativem Denken und Invention-on-Demand haben und die nach Schärfung und Aufrechterhaltung ihres Wissens und ihrer Fertigkeiten streben.

We are a consulting company founded by experienced executives. We draw on practical knowledge from a wide range of industries. In our projects we combine seniority, practical knowledge and university know-how. Our company name CREARO is derived from the Latin verb “creare” (“to create”). Our name expresses our promise to “create value” for our customers.
As experts for professional, target-oriented and structured product and process optimization we support our customers in manufacturing sustainable products under optimum economic conditions to ensure competitiveness.

Our experience proves: introducing and implementing the right actions demonstrably enhances the product and process value. Our long-standing experience in a wide range of business and industry sectors and the qualifications of our consultants guarantee your success.

We assist you in defining your tasks, develop a detailed plan of objectives with you and actively engage in customer-oriented project work to ensure your success. Our mission statement says it all: We plan & produce value!

With us you always get the know-how of all employees!.

We are an engineering company that offers all steps of virtual product development as a service from the idea to the product ready for series production. Through the ideal integration of digital communication media and the networking of our employees, you get faster to the market-ready solution.


is a successful collaboration of experienced partners from different engineering and business backgrounds and stands for excellent method, concept and organization consulting.

Our wide variety of technical and methodological expertise, as well as our continuously growing network, give us the ability to give you comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Our knowledge of need-based use of funds helps us optimize the cost of your project.

We offer extensive method, concept, and organization consulting thanks to our wide range of experience in:

  • Innovation management
  • Concept management
  • Risk analysis
  • Process management
  • Quality management
  • Project management
Cultural change and achieving potential

We have made it our mission to find, develop, and above all implement concepts and models for this integration. Join us on this extremely exciting and adventurous, yet highly-effective and successful way to achieving objectives and exploiting potential.

True to the motto: “Even the most successful teams would never have had the idea of working together of their own volition.”

We are grateful for any curiosity, exchange, and cooperation with you in pursuing our path of integral contradictions!


Successful strategy implementation with management consultancy KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions

  • Experience in strategy implementation projects in more than 60 companies
  • Experience in the introduction of a Lean Management & Lean Leadership cultures in companies – worldwide
  • Experience with all common tools for strategy implementation (e.g. Lean Management, Hoshin Kanri, CIP, Balanced Scorecards)
  • Training of Lean Management & Lean Leadership consultants
  • Cooperation partner of Liker Lean Advisors
Out-of-court solutions to problems

Business mediators aim to find win-win solutions to disputes that satisfy all the parties involved, outside the courts and out of the public eye.

We focus on finding the most sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions in all cases.

Our skills
  • Preventive conflict management
  • Mediation and de-escalation of disagreements and settling court disputes if the conflict has already progressed this far.
  • Conflict coaching (group coaching or individual coaching)
Ratmann Consulting

Ratmann Consulting assists manufacturers and service providers around the world in organizing, improving, and restructuring their logistics and supply chains.

To link the familiar with the new and keep your employees motivated through every step along the way. To improve your company’s logistics and supply chain measurably and lastingly. To ensure you get the best service. Always. To work independently of logistics service providers, ensuring you get the best possible, impartial solution.

To provide you with a made-to-measure service, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Expert knowledge of the theory is not enough – we match it with an equally professional level of practical experience to provide your company with the best possible and highest-quality service.

Bayern Innovativ, Cluster Energietechnik

With the energy technology cluster, Bayern Innovativ intensifies the cooperation between companies and between business and science. As a partner, you can profit from the steady development of cluster-wide competence. Networking across industries and technology means you can open up new markets and business fields more easily, throughout Bavaria, throughout Germany, or worldwide.