Domain-specific functional analysis

In my blog post “Functional analysis – What are we actually doing?” (on February 9, 2024), I highlighted the general approach: the two-phase approach of model building and analysis of the model. Here comes the second idea: The rules for modeling go back to a mechanical view of the world. Some TRIZ masters defend this … Read more

TFC-TRAI Conference: November 6 to 8, 2024

After several years, the TFC-TRAI 2024 will once again take place entirely on site: from November 6 to 8 at the University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The title of the conference is “AI-Powered Innovation and Inventive Design”. 55 abstracts have already been accepted and the organizers are looking forward to exchanges and discussions, new research … Read more

TRIZ Developers Summit: October 13 to 15

The theme of the conference is “TRIZ in Evolution”, divided into the sections “Creative Personality and TRIZ in Education”, “TRIZ in Business” and “TRIZ in IT and Technology”. Unfortunately, this year’s TRIZ Developer Summit will take place at the same time as the ITC (International TRIZ Conference). Applications for a report can be submitted until … Read more

TESE book as chatGPT bot

The basic work “Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE). TRIZ paths to innovation” was published in hardcover in 2018 and filled an important gap: An illustrated treasure trove of knowledge with diverse application examples relating to the TESE method. It is now also available as an ebook on Amazon. Additionally I have uploaded the book … Read more

TESE ebook now available

The basic work “Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE). TRIZ paths to innovation” was published in hardcover in 2018. Now it is finally available as an ebook: free for users of Kindle unlimited, for a reasonable 2.74 euros to buy on Amazon. Thus hopefully every TRIZ enthusiast can obtain the book, which is supported by … Read more

Book recommendation: G. Ivanov, Formulas of Creativity

Gennady Ivanov’s title is finally available to a wide audience in English translation via Amazon. We made the first English translation of “Formulas of Creativity: Or How to Become an Inventor” for TRIZ enthusiasts in 2013. In this book, he deals with ideality, contradictory thinking, standard solutions and the trends of technological evolution. Many examples … Read more

ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference: November 6 to 8, 2024

This year, the TRIZ Future Conference of ETRIA (The European TRIZ Association) will take place in ccoperation with the “World Conference of AI-Powered Innovation and Inventive Design 2024” in Romania at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. The focus is on researching synergies between AI and traditional inventive problem-solving methods. Prof. Stelian Bard is calling for … Read more

Preview ITC-2024 in Dubai

MATRIZ Official invites you to ITC-2024 from October 14 to 17, 2024 in Dubai. One focus of the conference is to attract new TRIZ users: To inspire a broad audience for the possibilities of TRIZ to tackle problems in a wide variety of fields such as industry, service sector and science. Prior to the main … Read more