Materials from TRIZCON 2023

TRIZCON 2023 ended on November 8 and the main topic of the conference was “The intersection of TRIZ and Artificial Intelligence”. A video recording of the conference and other materials are now available. The Post Conference Review costs $30 and is available here.

TRIZCON2023 on November 8, 2023: free participation

Next week on Wednesday the online conference TRIZCON will take place. This year’s theme is “The Intersection of TRIZ and Artificial Intelligence.” From 9 am to 5 pm, there will be numerous presentations and videos on the intersection of TRIZ and AI, highlighting synergies but also identifying difficulties. Participation is free of charge, you just … Read more

Free book: GEN TRIZ Knowledge Transfer Basic Module, Manual (July 2019)

A good book for getting started with TRIZ and preparing for the Level 1 exam can now be found on the MATRIZ Official homepage. The “GEN TRIZ Knowledge Transfer Basic Module, Manual (July 2019)” contains introductions to these topics: Main Parameters of Value Discovery Function Analysis Cause-Effect Chains Analysis Trimming Inventive Principle Application: Engineering Contradictions … Read more

Tool zur Einschätzung des IST-Stands eines Produkts

Als praktisches Hilfsmittel für die Trends der Technikevolution (TRIZ-Level 3) finden Sie nun ein neues Tool auf unserer Webseite: In diesem Microsoft-Excel-Template geht es um die Einschätzung des IST-Stands eines Produkts hinsichtlich der Trends, um daraus Erkenntnisse abzuleiten. Paul Mehringer hat das Hilfsmittel entworfen, wir haben es noch etwas erweitert und stellen es hiermit der … Read more

Tool to assess the actual state of a product

As a practical tool for the trends of the technology evolution (TRIZ level 3) you will now find a new tool on our website: This Microsoft Excel template is about assessing the actual state of a product with respect to trends in order to derive insights. Paul Mehringer has designed the tool, we have extended … Read more

The agenda for MATRIZ Official’s ITC 2023 is published:

MATRIZ Official’s first International TRIZ Conference ITC 2023 will take place from August 30 to September 2. The conference venue is Graz, but the formats will also be broadcast online via Webex. Many experienced TRIZ experts will offer insight into different application areas and methods of TRIZ. In addition, there will be opportunities to exchange … Read more

Special class with Simon Dewulf on september 5+6, 2023

Dr. Simon Dewulf (CEO  AULIVE – Patent Inspiration) offers a special class on the topic “Innovation Logic, AI and Patent Inspiration – Capabilities for problem solving in innovation innovation-driven organisations”. Taking place on september 5+6 at the Graz University of Technology, Austria, the event costs 1250 Euro. From the program: Introduction to AI in innovation … Read more