Tools Level 3

Tools for TRIZ Level 3

On this page you will find tools and information for working on the assignments in the Level 3 courses. You are welcome to use the tools we give out for your own training courses as long as you refer to the copyright of TRIZ Consulting Group. If there are problems with downloading the programs listed here or if links are no longer accessible, please send me a message!

All templates used in course 1 and 2 are of course still valid for level 3 and will be needed there.

Pragmatic S-Curve Analysis

To be able to assess in which phase of the S-curve the technical system is likely to be, we use test questions. Answering these questions gives a clearer picture of where on the S-curve the technical system is currently located. For this purpose, we use this template:

S-Curve Estimation Template

Trends of Engineering System Evolution

The Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE) make up a large part of the Level 3 training. They are described in detail, based on the book on the trends written with us, which should be published by the end of the year.

Overview of the trends of the technology evolution
For the overview of the trends we offer you the following PDF:

Assessment of own product with regard to competitors
In order to be able to compare one’s own product with a competitor’s product in terms of trends, one participant developed the following Microsoft Excel template, which we can share here with all those interested in TRIZ:

Additional and supplementary literature

Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE): TRIZ paths to innovation cover image

Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE): TRIZ paths to innovation

Autor: Alex Lyubomirskiy, Simon Litvin, Sergei Ikovenko, Christian M. Thurnes, Robert Adunka
The trends explained in the course summarized in a book. The book is part of the training materials in the course.

Here is the link to the book.

Since the course is currently under construction, more templates and downloadable information will be generated and made available on this page only gradually.