Tools Level 2

Tools for TRIZ level 2

On this page you will find tools and information for working on the assignments in the Level 2 courses. You are welcome to use the tools we give out for your own training courses as long as you refer to the copyright of TRIZ Consulting Group. If there are problems with downloading stuff listed here or if links are no longer accessible, please send me a message.!

First of all, in the TRIZ Level 2 course we use all the tools of the TRIZ Level 1 course. So in addition to the templates listed below, all templates of the Level 1 course are valid.

76 Standard solutions

In the TRIZ Level 2 course we go through all 76 standard solutions. They are a main component of this training.

76 Standard solutions
Jochen Sturm has made an A0 plot from our set of slides as an overview of all 76 standard solutions, which can be hung up in the workshop room if needed to have all standard solutions in view. This is still only available in German.

TRIZ Standard Solutions Selection Tool (Prof. Davide Russo)
In his article, Prof. Davide Russo has proposed a new set of 111 standard solutions, which he has based on Altschuller’s standard solutions. He has divided them into 3 classes and made them available in this online tool.

Innovation Situation Questionaire

While this is not a tool that MATRIZ requires for Level 2, we believe that it is an invaluable component for project processing.

Innovation Checklist-Old
In Germany, the Innovation Checklist is known through various books. In most titles, the older version of the innovation checklist is printed.

Innovation Situation Questionaire
Wir verwenden mittlerweile die von Ideation in ihrer Software Innovation WorkBench® (FaceInnovation) We now use the Innovation Situation Questionaire used by Ideation in their Innovation WorkBench® software, which is even better structured than the older version.

Both files are still only available from this site in German.

S-Curve Analysis

When working with the S-curves, we use the indicators to assign a technical system to a phase of evolution. Based on this classification, recommendations for further development are given by the TRIZ systematics.


ARIZ-85C Word Template (Version 9)
ARIZ-85C PDF Template (Version 9)
ARIZ-85C Excel Template
The ARIZ is introduced for the first time in level 2. The ARIZ-85C is required from the MATRIZ. The number stands for the year, the letter behind the number for the version. So it is the ARIZ from 1985, third version. In the course we use the template for the work with the ARIZ-85C.

Additional and supplementary literature

TRIZ: Innovation and Inventive Problem Solving. Handbook (English Edition) cover image

TRIZ: Innovation and Inventive Problem Solving. Handbook (English Edition)

Author: Pavel Livotov, Vladimir Petrov
Pages: 366
An earlier edition of this book was used to create the booklet on the 76 standard solutions. Thus, these take up a large part of the book. The rest of the book should be a repetition of the tools already known from the level 1.

Here is the link to the book.