The TRIZ Level 1 course with Dr. Robert Adunka is an enrichment for developers and technical problem solvers in every respect. The theoretical content is very well structured and presented, coupled with countless practical examples from professional life, excellent documentation and references to further information, make this course one of the best I could ever attend. But the most important thing is that Dr. Adunka makes enthusiasm come up, enthusiasm that is motivation for every course participant to deal further and more intensively with the TRIZ method toolbox. A heartfelt thank you paired with “5 stars” and a recommendation to all who are ready to learn something new and think a little differently!

Axel-Oscar Bernt, Product Manager Hydrogen Storage Systems, Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik, Level 1 course participant


I have been successfully applying the TRIZ methodology for many years. I have acquired the methodological knowledge autodidactically. Nevertheless, I registered for the TRIZ Level 1 certification with Mr. Adunka.
The seminar was a great enrichment for me, because here the knowledge was structured more clearly and deepened. The seminar concept was particularly innovative and didactically valuable. After a longer theory block in the morning, a hike of several hours followed, with interspersed TRIZ exercises to the next conference location, where the second theory part concluded the day.

Dipl. Ing. Thomas Bayer, Head of Business Platform Development at WITTENSTEIN AG, Level 1 course participant


Robert Adunka’s Level 2 course taught me a lot in a very short time, and gave me a good understanding of the practical applications at the same time. Even individual questions were encouraged and answered directly. I can certainly recommend this course to anyone who has completed TRIZ Level 1.

Hakan Tansel, Level 2 course participant


The productiveness generated by this new training concept was an agreeable and satisfying new experience for me, despite having to work to a very tight schedule. The training days were intense and packed with information, but gratifyingly profitable thanks to the competent coaches and the other participants. Thank you very much for this experience. I look forward to more training courses of this kind.

Jochen Sturm, Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, Detmold, Level 1 course participant


I have seldom looked forward to applying my new-found knowledge at work as much as after this seminar. Many thanks, Robert, for your numerous carefully selected exercises that finally helped me gain an insight into the world of TRIZ methodology.
You have a special talent for explaining complex subject-matter in ways that are easy to grasp.

Andreas Kosak, Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, Detmold, Level 1 course partic


My experiment of combining knowledge acquisition with physical exercise was a complete success thanks to the TRIZ crash course you held for us in the Saaleland in Thuringia. The combination of TRIZ block sessions interspersed with several hours of hiking proved to be a very agreeable and profitable way of learning.

Conversations and discussions among the participants and our coach during the hike provided a useful exchange of views and added different perspectives to the subject-matter. This sort of exercise ensures that newly imparted insights are more easily retained. The many examples offered by our coach and his obvious enthusiasm confirm that these methods are not merely academic theory, but also have a practical value.

This course broadened my outlook in many ways and I unreservedly recommend it.

Ingo Thomas, Department Head Mechanical Design, Level 1 course participant


The TRIZ crash course offered by Robert Adunka’s TRIZ Consulting Group is a true innovation in the field of further education. The course provides a harmonious balance of theory lessons immediately followed by practical application and exercises, interspersed with lengthy hikes through an attractive countryside.

Participants undergo a truly ‘holistic’ learning experience. The direct, positive effect this approach has on successful learning is already well-documented, and was further borne out by the rapid, in-depth assimilation of the content by all the participants of the crash course I attended in the fall of 2015. Everyone in our group passed the final exam with no problems.
Our relatively small group of students (never more than 15 per group in these courses, we were told) were expertly cared for by the TRIZ Consulting team, comprising Robert Adunka (coaching) and Kai Rindelhardt (hiking and schedule management). The event was an All Inclusive package – meals and hotel lodgings were of a highly satisfactory standard – at a very reasonable price, considering the range of services offered. The point of departure and the final destination of the course, Gut Positz in Thuringia, will remain especially memorable to all participants, thanks to the originality of its rooms and the delicious barbecue we had on our final evening.

I recommend this MATRIZ Level 1 qualification crash course to everyone who is prepared to immerse themselves in an innovative learning experience.

Bert Miecznik, Innovation Manager at WITTENSTEIN AG, Level 1 course participant


The TRIZ crash course provided all the participants with the necessary tools to view technical problems constructively from different viewpoints. The hikes were accompanied by enthusiastic discussions among the participants, in the course of which we were able to find solutions to proposed problems and consolidate our newly-acquired knowledge of TRIZ.
Impressive proof of the applicability of the TRIZ methods was presented by one of the participants in the form of a true innovation. The invention was a new and highly-complex type of transmission system, the concept of which had been arrived at purely by the application of TRIZ methods.

Daniel Haug, Betriebswirt / Meister (HWK) at Härterei Reese Bochum GmbH, Level 1 course participant


In my career I have become familiar with many development trends and a large number of different methods and techniques, some of which I was successfully able to implement in different companies. Yet it wasn’t until I attended my first TRIZ course that I discovered that increasing your creative and innovative output while reducing costs at the same time could be so easy to achieve.

Dr. Adunka knows how to teach Altshuller’s methods plausibly and understandably, and the exercises devised by him illustrate their practical application very efficiently indeed. At the same time, he manages to inspire his course participants and convey how satisfying the implementation of the theory can be.
The course gave me a valuable insight on the advantages of being able to think outside the box and derive the necessary tasks to complete in order to find your own, alternative solution, and proved to me that less can often be more.

Klaus Konrad, Freelance Management Consulting / Senior Consultant, Level 1 course participant


I particularly enjoyed the dynamic, practical aspects of the course – the many examples and exercises we were given and the surprising insights they provided. I was also impressed by how relevant and serviceable the course content was when applied to my daily work.

The background knowledge and the course content were clearly and understandably conveyed. Was it worthwhile? My answer is a definite “Yes!” I can highly recommend Dr. Adunka’s course.

Martin Rupp, Management Consulting & Engineering at Gehrung & Partner, Level 1 course participant


One of the best seminars I have ever been privileged to attend! I am absolutely delighted with the TRIZ methods and highly recommend this seminar.

Ing. Sebastian Lang, Electronics Developer, Level 1 course participant in July 2011


Starting any kind of correspondence course is a big risk in itself, since there is no external incentive to finally get started and stop putting everything off until tomorrow. As I have had an interest in innovation management methods, including TRIZ, for some time, my curiosity proved enough to set me on my way.

Once I had started, I was hooked – the immediate and detailed response to each submitted exercise invariably motivated me to continue to the next step of the course. The course content is very well thought out, the theory clearly explained, and the course materials are meticulously designed down to the last detail, with clear instructions on how to use them. Overall, this is a package that is beyond compare.

The many exercises and their exhaustive, interactive analysis by email are an excellent preparation for the practical application of the course content, and ensure that the theoretical knowledge learned can be properly implemented.
At last – here is a TRIZ education course that really delivers, and definitely the best seminar I have experienced since my university days more than 25 years ago.

Günter F. Tutsch, Director R&D, Level 1 e-learning course participant