TRIZ Workshops

Individually tailored TRIZ workshops

How do TRIZ workshops work?

TRIZ workshops are classically conducted in a one- to two-day format. Meanwhile, the trainers of the TRIZ Consulting Group have conducted over 200 workshops. We are happy to support you in preparing and conducting a workshop.

For the workshops, depending on your goal and the result you want to achieve with the workshop, we select tools from the method kit in consultation with you. To give you an idea of the possibilities, the most common workshop concepts are briefly explained here:

An overview of the most important TRIZ workshops:

Workshop for finding a new product generation (Innovation on Demand)

These workshops aim to either find a new product or define a new product generation of an existing product. New, interesting features are to be found and evaluated. This type of workshop is especially interesting for product managers.

Usually, this type of workshop uses light methods for creative ideation, such as the random word method or the provocation method. From the TRIZ method toolbox, we like to use the concept of ideality and 9-field thinking here to provoke innovation.

Workshops to Generate Invention Disclosures (Patents on Demand)

This type of workshop is all about targeting patents to a previously defined area and thus gaining a market advantage! Patent managers and professionals have a special interest in this in order to be able to protect the company’s ideas better.

Here, too, the random word method can be used to good effect. From the TRIZ toolbox, the methods for solving engineering problems, such as the 40 inventive principles, are already partly used here.

Workshop to solve an engineering problem (Solution on Demand)

If not enough ideas are found for a technical problem, or if these ideas are not satisfactory, this type of workshop is used to try to address the problem.

Project managers are often the clients of this type of workshop. In this task, the entire TRIZ toolbox can be used very well. Here the exact engineering problem, decides which of the tools is best suited.

Workshop on Finding Ratio Potential

To lower the manufacturing cost of a product is of interest with any product. At what point this happens determines the ratio to be achieved.

Typically, for a product that has not been revised for more than three years, a ratio of 10% and more can be expected. We like to work here with the functional analysis (value-analytical consideration) according to TRIZ and ratio checklists.

Workshop on Circumventing a Competitors Patent

Sometimes you want to implement a design and find that a competitor has already patented your scheme. With the functional analysis, we can break down the independent patent claim into its individual features in an understandable way and relate them to each other.

In a further step, possible questions are worked out, the answers to which are very likely to allow evasion of the opponent’s patent. In this type of TRIZ workshop, we like to involve a patent attorney for better assessment of the probability of infringement of the competitor’s patent. For this purpose, we cooperate with the appropriate partners.


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