Controversy after the formation of MATRIZ Official

The new election of the MATRIZ Board on September 3, 2022 caused displeasure and incomprehension in the TRIZ community. As a consequence, MATRIZ Official was established on September 8.

Further background is provided by two official letters of the “old” and the “new” MATRIZ, which we quote here in full:

Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko, the newly elected president of the MATRIZ board, addressed the members of the association on September 19 (by mail the following day):

Dear MATRIZ member organizations, colleagues and TRIZ community,
After the Congress, newly elected MATRIZ Board is working on restructuring, transferring the organization to another country, putting in order financial activities, reworking MATRIZ website, continuing certification process, etc.
The process of appointing chairmen of councils, vice presidents etc., is going on.
Recently MATRIZ has received many messages and questions about a newly created TRIZ organization (MATRIZ Official). According to the organization’s statement it is a new organization established on September 8th 2022 for TRIZ proliferation and education, development of creative and critical thinking skills for people regardless of their field of activities. It is defined as the main task of this organization.

It is one of the several other associations that exist in different countries and MATRIZ welcomes this initiative. The more such new organizations are created, the better it is for TRIZ proliferation in the world.

At the same time, we would like to inform the TRIZ community that MATRIZ will continue focusing its effort on engineering and technical applications of TRIZ, working with world leading corporations Midea, General Electric, Boston Dynamics, Amazon Robotics, Huawei, Bosch-Siemens Group etc. We will continue our cooperation with MIT, Warsaw, Jagiellonian, Tufts Universities, as well as the best schools of China, Malaysia and WIPO and national Patent Offices as well.

This month MATRIZ has started cooperation/partnership with MIT Enterprise Forum, that will expand broadly.

We have a lot of work ahead.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., please contact me directly.

Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko,
MATRIZ President


Oleg Feygenson replied to this mail on September 20:

Dear TRIZ colleagues and friends,

While Dr. Yatsunenko may have his own vision and explanation of the goals of MATRIZ Official, let me share with you the Founding Letter of MATRIZ Official available at:

It is clearly stated in the first paragraph of the letter: “To continue Altshuler’s traditions, the decision to establish a new association was made by a number of Altshuller’s students”.

After the recent congress of MATRIZ (held on September 3rd, 2022), many people in the TRIZ community submitted their complaints about the composition and activity of the “old” MATRIZ.

I must admit that during the congress, all procedures including a new board election were performed without any formal violation. However, according to the congress Zoom chat and following discussions many participants of the congress claimed some pre-congress activities led to these results.

Be as it may, you can find an explanation why MATRIZ Official has been established:

Right after the congress, Key Persons of MATRIZ (including two members of newly elected board) decided to resign from the “old” association and join MATRIZ Official in order to continue traditions of the TRIZ founder Mr. Genrikh Altshuller.  The organizational structure of MATRIZ Official is available at:
You may compare it with the current structure of the “old” MATRIZ available at:

Obviously, MATRIZ Official continues with TRIZ training and professional certification from Level 1 to Level 5 at the world leading corporations and universities around the globe. We have all resources and capabilities to do so.

To make a positive conclusion of this message, I would like to invite every one of you to join MATRIZ Official and develop together a reputable association free of any manipulations.

Please feel free to share my invitation within your TRIZ networks.

Thank you and all the best!

On behalf of MATRIZ Official,
Dr. Oleg Feygenson, TRIZ Master,
the President of MATRIZ Official.