1. International TRIZ Conference ITC 2023: August 30 – September 2, 2023

MATRIZ Official cordially invites you to ITC 2023 at the Technical University in Graz. The event is aimed at all those involved in TRIZ research, development and application, as well as those interested in TRIZ.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

  • Research and development of TRIZ theories and methods
  • Development of TRIZ tools for practical applications
  • Applications of TRIZ in science, technology, business and social environments
  • Innovation process with TRIZ
  • TRIZ pedagogy, education and training
  • Case studies with TRIZ
  • Integration of TRIZ with other process, design and innovation management

Various tutorials will be held on August 30, and various speakers will speak on the following days. A session on TRIZ pedagogy is also planned. On September 2, there will be a special session of the TRIZ Master Certification Committee where candidates will defend their TRIZ Master theses. This session is open to all conference participants.

The conference language will be English (only).
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