Practical example of problem solving with TRIZ: Sealing of displays

A short Korean video with English subtitles in the Samsung Newsroom on YouTube shows an example of the successful application of TRIZ:

The company SOLUM manufactures electronic display panels for goods that are actually waterproof to a depth of 1 m with IPX7rating. Nevertheless, moisture penetrated the displays when a customer used them in the seafood department, where the devices were regularly scrubbed with soapy water.

SOLUM’s developers presented their problem to the Samsung Electronics TRIZ Training Program. Samsung Electronics also offers the TRIZ Training Program to partner companies to promote mutual growth.

The video shows the main steps:

Step 1: Experts from different fields analyze the problem and ask many questions to uncover the key issues. The first suspicion that the silicone on the battery cover was leaking was confirmed, but it was not the only problem.

Step 2: The team investigated a wide variety of materials and methods for sealing from different points of view.

The solutions devised were:

– Changing the shape of the silicone cover to prevent water penetration.

– Redistributing the weight of the batteries to take pressure off the silicone cover.

– A better anchoring of the cover by adding a ribbed structure

– and implementing other problem-solving ideas.

The successful product improvement also significantly increased profits.


Here you can find the video:


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