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Dr. Robert Adunka (MATRIZ Level 5)

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Course description

The TRIZ Advanced Course:
Consolidate basic knowledge, get to know new tools and use them in the project.

This course can be offered as an Online or On-Site version. If you choose the online version, the course will be held via MS Teams and the concept board “Miro”.

In Level 2, the knowledge of Level 1 is first refreshed. In addition, we will look at how the tools can be cleverly combined so that they can be used not only for individual problems, but also for entire projects.

With Feature Transfer, participants learn how to steal intelligently from other solutions. These can be their own solutions or solutions from the competition. By extracting the concept behind the solution without directly adopting the design, you can be inspired by a variety of products, ideas and solutions without running the risk of directly copying them.

Level 1 dealt with the functional analysis for products. Now this is being extended to include the analysis of processes. These can be either manufacturing processes, but also motion processes. This means that the temporal component of the analysis of problems is now also taken into account.

The main focus of the advanced course is on substance-field analysis and the 76 standard solutions. In contrast to working on problems with the contradiction approach, here you learn how a problem can be understood as an interaction of substances and fields. Each of the problem models formed in this way is assigned the solution models with which the world has so far reacted to the problem situation at hand. This is called the standard solution. The developer can now apply these generic solution proposals to his specific problem in order to develop his own concrete solution proposals.

ARIZ is the abbreviation for Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving. It is a step-by-step approach that helps to transfer a diffuse problem into a well-defined problem, while at the same time expanding the solution space. This approach was developed to solve a problem with the least possible effort.

In the S-curve analysis, the participant learns in which phase of the S-curve his product is located. This is achieved on the basis of indicators and clues that enable the product to be classified more easily. From this knowledge, measures can be deduced which development direction should be taken with this product in the future.

We invite you to experience TRIZ actively, intensively and with practical relevance.

TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH offers you the opportunity to complete this internationally recognized training in the form of public training courses.

Please note:
Participation is only possible for persons with proven TRIZ experience or participation in basic training courses or a MATRIZ Level 1 certificate!


  • Recapitulation of Level 1 knowledge
  • Cause-Effects-Chains-Analysis (Advanced)
  • Feature Transfer
  • Function analysis for Processes including Value Analysis for Processes
  • Substance-Field-Analysis and 76 Standard Inventive Solutions
  • Introduction to ARIZ-85C
  • S-Curve-Analysis
  • MATRIZ Level 2-Exam
  • Optional: Innovation Situation Questionaire (ISQ)
TRIZ Level 2 In-house-Course

Feedback from other course participants


The Level 2 course with Robert Adunka provides a lot of knowledge in a short time and is very practice-oriented at the same time. Individual questions were also answered at all times. In principle, I can recommend participation to every TRIZ Level 1 graduate.

Hakan Tansel,