TRIZ Level 1 Online-Face-to-Face-Course: December 2023

18. till 22. December 2023

Online (MS Teams, Miro-Board)

5 days, each 09:00-13:00 (CET, UTC+1, GMT+1)
Exam: 22. December, 14:00-16:00 (CET, UTC+1, GMT+1)


TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH

Dr. Robert Adunka (MATRIZ Level 5)

1.350,00 € (excl. VAT)

Test and MATRIZ Level 1 certificate as well as comprehensive course materials

Our TRIZ promise:
You will become three times more creative with technical problems
and can systematically generate innovations.

By teaching you the basics of the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” step-by-step within five half-days, you will be able to use the strategies and thinking patterns of the best inventors, so you will never again be helpless in front of technical problems in your projects and thus be perceived as a creative innovator by your colleagues and superiors.

In this online format, you will get theoretical knowledge from the trainer during the video conference. This is immediately followed by an exercise in small groups in which you try out for yourself what you have just heard and take your first steps in the method. By alternating between theory and your own trying out, you will very quickly gain confidence in the tools so that you can apply them to your own problems. We limit ourselves to half a day of learning, because experience shows that it is more difficult to follow a course on the computer for the whole day.

After following the course Monday through Friday and absorbing the content, you will be able to take the Level 1 (Basic Knowledge) International TRIZ Certificate exam on Friday.

As a technical requirement, all you need for this course is a internet-enabled computer that can be used for video conferencing (camera, microphone and speakers or headphones, fast internet connection). All software products used can be accessed directly through the browser, without the need to install additional software on the computer. For video conferencing we use MS Teams. The practical exercises are done with the concept board Miro. To take the test, go to our elearning platform with your browser.

In the center of our basic course, the MATRIZ Level 1 training, are beside the classical TRIZ tools – defining and solving technical and physical contradictions – especially the functional analysis for products and the system operator.

Course content / focus

  • History of TRIZ
  • Ideality
  • Resource analysis
  • System Operator
  • Cause-And-Effects-Chains Analysis
  • Function analysis for products according to TRIZ
  • Trimming
  • Effects Data base
  • 40 inventive principles
  • Engineering Contradiction and Contradiction table
  • Physical Contradiction and Separation principles
  • Introduction to the Substance-Field-Analysis and the 76 Standard Inventive Solutions
  • Introduction to the S-Curve-Analysis and the Trends of Engineering System Evolution
TRIZ Level 1 Online-Face-to-Face-Course: December 2023

Feedback from other course participants:


One of the best seminars I have had the pleasure of attending! I am absolutely enthusiastic about the TRIZ method and can only recommend this seminar.

Ing. Sebastian Lang, Electronics developer, participant of the classroom course


In my professional life, I have already become acquainted with many development trends and a large number of different methods and techniques, some of which I have also implemented in companies. Until my first TRIZ course, I was not aware of the fact that creativity can be increased with simple means, the output in development can be increased and costs can be reduced.

Dr. Adunka understands how to teach Altschuler’s methodology in a plausible way and how to train efficiently using practical examples. He succeeds in inspiring the course participants and in conveying real fun in the implementation. The ability to break away from preconceived solutions, to abstract tasks and to define alternative solutions, where less is more, was a valuable insight I was able to take away from the course.

Klaus Konrad, Independent Management Consultant / Senior Consultant


I particularly liked the lively and practical training with many examples and exercises with an “aha” effect. The particular relevance and high benefit of the training for everyday professional life should also be emphasized.

It succeeds very well in conveying the background and contents clearly and very well understandable. To the question of whether it was worth it, I say: definitely! I will recommend Mr. Adunka to others.

Martin Rupp, Gehrung & Partner, management consulting & engineering