TRIZ Experts Meeting 2022

Finally another meeting in presence with personal exchange! The TRIZ Experts Meeting on January 13 and 14, 2022 was a great event with interesting presentations that we look forward to continuing!

A few key thoughts from our very collegial exchange:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Oliver Mayer and Uwe Schaumann talked about “TRIZ and Sustainability”: Sustainability is the coming MUST for companies. We have to move into a Circular Economy. Many existing tools show how to formulate a sustainability statement on C-Level. Per function-analysis in combination with PESTLE fields, a system can be linked to sustainability in a targeted manner and thus derive conclusive development orders.

Jochen Wessner presented in lecture and discussion the extension of the 9-fields and linkage with resources. Robert Hierl spoke about extreme quality by combining function-analysis of TRIZ with increasing process capability through Six-Sigma. TRIZ trends for business model development were addressed by Oliver Gerundt and Luisa Wagner via lecture and workshop.

Bernd Haussmann presented the topic “DFMA and TRIZ – brothers in spirit … – possibilities and differentiation of the two methods”:
Many optimizers see in view of the equation
Ideality = Benefit / (Costs + Problems)
many optimizers often see the greatest leverage in the reduction of costs. This is also a proven means to increase ideality (or “value” in value analysis). At the same time, market entrants/competitors come along and offer comparable benefits at unattainable prices. Two methods, skillfully combined, could open up additional opportunities in this regard: Haussmann showed how the two methods can be used in working groups to complement each other.


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