TRIZ App LogoAll 40 innovation principles in one app: Accelerate your idea generation process with the 40 innovation principles from the TRIZ teachings. With 40IP, we provide you with the most well-known tool from the TRIZ teachings in a pocket format. Whether during conceptualization at the workplace, as a thought-provoking tool for brainstorming on the go, or as an idea multiplier in brainstorming – the principles are always at hand for the famous “thinking outside the box”.Leafing through catalogs or brochures, counting columns in the matrix printout, or guessing about the meaning of a principle was yesterday. With 40IP, any content related to the 40 innovation principles is just a touch away!

40IP contains the 40 innovation principles, explained by over 400 illustrated examples, summarized as a compact reference book for every situation. Intuitively, the TRIZ methods Technical or Physical Contradiction can be applied to increase the idea output with a variety of suggestions.


  • 40 innovation principles with over 400 illustrated examples
  • Technical contradiction according to Altschuller’s matrix
  • Technical contradiction according to the matrix 2003
  • Physical contradiction
  • Grouping of principles according to S. Fayer