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From three participants an individual course can be beneficial for you.

Product description

TRIZ Consulting Group uses the term in-house training to describe training courses that take place at your company. In other words, we come to you and conduct the courses on site.

A training directly on-site at your company can be more favorable for you, starting with three participants, than sending your employees to one of the open events.

Here you have full flexibility to adapt the content and duration of a training course to your needs. However, many companies also want to carry out their own internal projects, which is not possible at an open training course. After all, employees of a competitor can also participate there. An open exchange about real problems is therefore not possible there. With in-house training, on the other hand, you can address and work on the technical problems. You immediately see how TRIZ can be applied to your problems. An optimal transfer from theory to practice is thus guaranteed.


  • You determine the duration, location and content of the training
  • Distribution of the training over several dates possible
  • With a signed non-disclosure agreement, in-house projects can be carried out and accompanied using the methods learned

If you are interested in this, contact us and we will try to find the customized solution that fits your employees and your problems.


Feedback from course participants


In my professional life, I have already become acquainted with many development trends and a large number of different methods and techniques, some of which I have also implemented in companies. Until my first TRIZ course, I was not aware of the fact that creativity can be increased with simple means, the output in development can be increased and costs can be reduced.

Dr. Adunka understands how to teach Altschuler’s methodology in a plausible way and how to train efficiently using practical examples. He succeeds in inspiring the course participants and in conveying real fun in the implementation. The ability to break away from preconceived solutions, to abstract tasks and to define alternative solutions, where less is more, was a valuable insight I was able to take away from the course.

Klaus Konrad, Independent Management Consultant / Senior Consultant


I particularly liked the lively and practical training with many examples and exercises with an “aha” effect. The particular relevance and high benefit of the training for everyday professional life should also be emphasized.

It succeeds very well in conveying the background and contents clearly and very well understandable. To the question of whether it was worth it, I say: definitely! I will recommend Mr. Adunka to others.

Martin Rupp, Gehrung & Partner, management consulting & engineering