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The mission of Face Innovation is to create a large, worldwide network of TRIZ enthusiasts, that is, individuals who have a passion for product innovation as well as creative thinking. Furthermore, it is intended to attract people who have an interest in inventing on demand, or Invention-on-Demand. The members of the Face Innovation network work in an open innovation environment.

To encourage members to work openly with each other, Face Innovation offers its network members a comprehensive “Members Kit”, a package of software, training material and helpful articles on the topic. For this reason, this is also interesting for us as TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH: After all, the Ideation software has never been available in such a well-packaged bundle before.

If you are interested in joining the Face Innovation Network so that you can purchase the learning material mentioned below and become a successful ITRIZ user, please contact us. You will have a 30-day trial period for the software before payment of the membership fee is due.

Contents of the “Members Kit”:

Please note that the offer comes from the USA, consequently the language of the software, articles and books as well as the distance learning course is English.

TRIZ, ITRIZ and IPS (Innovative Problem Solving) – Important articles and books on the subject:

  • IPS Presentation
  • “Introduction to TRIZ, ITRIZ, and the Five Levels of Invention” – first lesson from our 8-lesson self-educational program
  • Introduction to TRIZ by Dr Stan Kaplan (PDF ebook)
  • “Innovate on Demand” by Ron Fulbright
  • “TRIZ – THE NEXT BIG THING” by Dr Mizrachi


  • Innovation WorkBench ® – A comprehensive professional software to solve inventive problems (includes Innovation Checklist (ISQ) and Problem Formulator). List price: $ 4000.

IPS Distance Learning Course by Ron Fulbright:

  • Eight IPS-TRIZ course sessions and five hours of coaching by the trainer.
  • Project implementation in order to achieve the ITRIZ Practitioner certification

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You can learn about other benefits on the Face Innovation website.


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