Spezial-Seminar mit Simon Dewulf am 5. und 6. September 2023

Dr. Simon Dewulf ist CEO bei AULIVE – Patent Inspiration. Er bietet ein besonderes zweitägiges Seminar an: „Innovation Logic, AI and Patent Inspiration – Capabilities for problem solving in innovation innovation-driven organisations.“

Die Veranstaltung findet am 5. und 6. September 2023 an der TU Graz (Graz University of Technology) statt und kostet 1250 Euro.

Aus dem Programm:
Introduction to AI in innovation
The history of intelligence, AI and an overview of the capabilities.
The cream selection of 300+ tools out there
Tips, tricks and prompts in the Innovation logic framework.

Building Open Innovation Maps
Exploring properties and functions, the keys to abstracting challenges, use of AI
Connecting people from other industries through functions, problems, components, classifications
Constructing the open innovation map for current and future solution tracking.

Evolution Potential of Solutions
Mapping evolution potential of solutions.
Considering property variation for new and improved functions.
Predictive evolution in products and processes, exploring scenarios.

Fostering the In House Capability
Applying innovation logic to identify a network of opportunities and resources.
Build measurable company challenges into innovation logic case studies.
Implement and disseminate the innovation logic approach and AI within the workplaces.

Weitere Infos und Anmeldemöglichkeiten finden Sie bei meinem Kollegen Jürgen Jantschgi.