210716pm: Function Analysis Exercise on 16.7.2021

49,00  inkl. MwSt.

Date: Friday, 16.7.2021, 14:00-17:00 (3h, CET).
Location: Online training using Microsoft Teams and Miro
Language: Englisch
Organizer: TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH
Trainer: Dr. Robert Adunka (MATRIZ Level 5)
Participation fee: 49,00 € (incl. VAT)


Functional analysis training unit

The functional analysis for products according to TRIZ are applied to different products.

At one of the last TRIZ expert meetings, I was approached with the request for some TRIZ practical training. For a long time I could not imagine how I could realize this. It made sense to me that those interested would travel to an expert meeting to exchange ideas with others. For practicing the TRIZ tools – that they would travel from all over Germany for that – seemed unlikely to me. This worked quite well at the IHK in Reutlingen and in Heilbronn, if the participants came from the area, but with me the distribution list is very widely scattered over Germany.

With the second lockdown, however, I finally learned how to use conference tools and the whiteboard. This worked so well in the two weeks of Level 3 training and in a Level 1 course that I now also offer workshops online. So I figured that small practice sessions might as well be offered in this format. The exercises should be aimed at people interested in TRIZ who have already completed at least Level 1. People who don’t want their skills, once acquired, to be forgotten again. I have therefore decided to offer such half-day training sessions. In these three-hour training sessions, the already familiar method is to be practiced and special cases in its application are to be addressed.

Because of the online format there are no big costs for the participant or the trainer. So it should be affordable for everyone. The training and exercise units are also carried out with a small number of participants (from 3 participants).

In this exercise session we deal with one of my favorite tools – functional analysis. Since the beginning of my TRIZ career, I have loved this tool and marveled at how it sharpens my engineering mind. This simple question, „Who does what to whom?“ runs through the analysis and lets the user dissect an engineering system with razor-sharp focus and analyze how it works.

This works so well that you can use a successful functional model to explain the system very simply. But the model also has its weaknesses. It comes from a purely mechanical worldview, so it does best with mechanical engineering systems. But what if electricity comes into play? Or have you ever tried to model a measurement system? How are software, light and other fields to be handled in such a model? Can I accommodate different temporal states in one model? These are the questions we will address in this exercise session. The group of participants can decide for themselves which topics will be dealt with and in what depth.

As an exercise, we will first model simple mechanical systems in small groups to get in the mood. Then we will move on to electrical and optical systems, finally ending up with the information-heavy and measurement systems.


  1. Brief introduction and recap of functional analysis (lecture by Adunka)
  2. Modeling of a simple mechanical system (small group exercise)
  3. Modeling of an electrical and/or optical system (small group exercise)
  4. Modeling of an information-heavy and/or measurement system (small group exercise)

We use Microsoft Teams for communication and presentations during the exercise. Small group collaboration will be accomplished using Miro, an internet-based concept whiteboard. A link to the meeting and the board will be sent to the exercise participants beforehand. You can see what such a board looks like here: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lUJvN1k=/



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