210422pm: Contradiction training unit on 22.4.2021

49,00  inkl. MwSt.

Date: Thursday, 22.4.2021, 14:00-17:00 (3h)
Place: Online-Training with Microsoft Teams and Miro
Language: English
Organizer: TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH
Trainer: Dr. Robert Adunka (MATRIZ Level 5)
Participation fee: 49,00 € (incl. tax)


Contradiction training unit

Technical and physical contradiction according to TRIZ viewed in different ways

At one of the last TRIZ expert meetings I was approached with the wish for some TRIZ practical training. For a long time I could not imagine how I could realize this. It made sense to me that those interested would travel to an expert meeting to exchange ideas with others. For practicing the TRIZ tools – that they would travel from all over Germany for that – seemed unlikely to me. This worked quite well at the IHK in Reutlingen and in Heilbronn, when the participants came from the area, but with me the distribution list is very widely scattered across Germany.

With the second lockdown, however, I finally learned how to use conference tools and the whiteboard. This worked so well in the two weeks of Level 3 training and in a Level 1 course that I now also offer workshops online. So I figured that small practice sessions might as well be offered in this format. The exercises should be aimed at people interested in TRIZ who have already completed at least Level 1. People who don’t want their skills, once acquired, to be forgotten again. I have therefore decided to offer such half-day training sessions. In these three-hour training sessions, the already familiar method is to be practiced and special cases in its application are to be addressed.

Because of the online format there are no big costs for the participant or the trainer. So it should be affordable for everyone. The training and practice sessions are also carried out with a small number of participants (from 3 participants).

The technical contradiction was a mystery to me at the beginning. Directly converting it into a physical contradiction, as we practice in Level 1, didn’t get me anywhere either. „It’s the same thing!“ I thought to myself. But then I suddenly realized that these are two completely different approaches from the point of view of thinking. One is like a dissecting knife with which the problem is examined parameter by parameter and the other is an open question with maximum freedom in which the only thing that matters is the fulfillment of the goal.

My understanding became even better when I taught the ARIZ. Slowly I realized how ingenious this approach is! How from a single technical contradiction a multiplicity of physical contradictions can be formulated, which sit quasi in the belly of the technical contradiction. But there the whole thing does not stop yet. These physical contradictions are formulated in so-called macro-state. From this macro-state physical contradiction, a micro-state physical contradiction can be formulated. So also here the macro has the micro in the belly and you can dive to an even deeper level.

As an exercise, we will work in small groups to convert a simple technical contradiction directly into a physical contradiction and look at how the solution behavior is for both types of contradictions. Then we will transform the technical contradiction in terms of the ARIZ into macro-state physical contradictions, which we will finally still formulate as a micro-state contradiction.


  1. Brief introduction to technical and physical contradiction as recapitulation (Adunka)
  2. Reformulate technical contradiction into physical contradiction (small groups)
  3. From technical contradiction, formulate many macro-state physical contradictions (small groups)
  4. Generate the micro-state contradictions from the macro-state (small groups)

We use Microsoft Teams for communication and presentations during the exercise. Small group collaboration will be done using Miro, an internet-based concept whiteboard. A link to the meeting and the board will be sent to the participants of the exercise beforehand. You can see what such a board looks like here: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lUJqhFk=/



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