TRIZ for engineers

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Titel: TRIZ for engineers
Sprache: Englisch
Autor: Karen Gadd
Seitenzahl: 504 (Taschenbuch)
ISBN: 978-0470741887
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum: 1. Auflage (11. März 2011)

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TRIZ is a brilliant toolkit for nurturing engineering creativity and innovation. This accessible, colourful and practical guide has been developed from problem-solving workshops run by Oxford Creativity, one of the world’s top TRIZ training organizations started by Gadd in 1998. Gadd has successfully introduced TRIZ to many major organisations such as Airbus, Sellafield Sites, Saint-Gobain, DCA, Doosan Babcock, Kraft, Qinetiq, Trelleborg, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems, working on diverse major projects including next generation submarines, chocolate packaging, nuclear clean-up, sustainability and cost reduction.

Engineering companies are increasingly recognising and acting upon the need to encourage successful, practical and systematic innovation at every stage of the engineering process including product development and design. TRIZ enables greater clarity of thought and taps into the creativity innate in all of us, transforming random, ineffective brainstorming into targeted, audited, creative sessions focussed on the problem at hand and unlocking the engineers‘ knowledge and genius to identify all the relevant solutions.

For good design engineers and technical directors across all industries, as well as students of engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation, TRIZ for Engineers will help unlock and realise the potential of TRIZ. The individual tools are straightforward, the problem-solving process is systematic and repeatable, and the results will speak for themselves.

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This highly innovative book:

  • – Satisfies the need for concise, clearly presented information together with practical advice on TRIZ and problem solving algorithms
  • – Employs explanatory techniques, processes and examples that have been used to train thousands of engineers to use TRIZ successfully
  • – Contains real, relevant and recent case studies from major blue chip companies
  • – Is illustrated throughout with specially commissioned full-colour cartoons that illustrate the various concepts and techniques and bring the theory to life
  • – Turns good engineers into great engineers.