Templeton Three

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Helen Eisenmaus
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Templeton Three – a story of corporate death by a thousand tiny improvements

Life, as anyone with half a brain will tell you, is a merry-go-round of paradoxes, half-truths and misunderstandings. I lived this story, almost every second of it, but any resemblance to real events os purely coincidental.

All the characters in the book are fictious, but I have known them all for the last too many to count years. We don’t speak every day, but I think all of us thinks mack on these days once in a while and wonders what might have been. I think, too, some of believe we might be about to re-live some or all of it.

You can’t beat a good financial meltdown to focus to mind. Even a fool knows that. Sam, wherever you are, I love you.

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Over 90 % of innovations fail before they reach the market. Over 90% of those innovations that do reach the market will also fail.

Over 90 % of innovations are delivered late, over budget or to a lower quality than was originally planned.

Over 90 % of collaborative innovations fail.

Here’s why.
Templeton Three is that rare thing, a readable business novel. A tear-making indictment of the unintended damage caused by the large majority of Lean & SixSigma initiatives.
Helen Eisenmaus was born in the UK, but now lives mostly in the US. She is an engineer and is at least 5’4″ tall.

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