Innovation Capability Maturity Model: An Introduction

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Titel: Innovation Capability Maturity Model: An Introduction
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Autor: Darrell Mann
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Innovation Capability Maturity Model: An Introduction

by Darrell Mann

Building Sustainable Step-Change Success: Introducing a Global Innovation Maturity Model Based on an analysis of over 3.5 million innovation attempts across every sector of human activity, the likelihood of successfully turning a novel idea into sustainable shareholder value is currently slightly worse than the odds of winning at roulette. Close to 98% of all innovation attempts end in failure. ‘Innovation’ is perceived by business leaders as simultaneously high risk and an essential part of life in a globalised economy. Those attempts fail because organisations:

  • Ask the wrong questions
  • Deliver the wrong solutions
  • Mis-handle the communication with customers & stakeholders
  • Try to fit new things into their current silos and processes
  • Give up too soon


The key to improving your ability to innovate depends on first understanding the Innovation Capability Maturity of your organisation. The book demonstrates the five fundamentally different levels of capability, allows organisations to calibrate themselves against the different levels, and explores some of the steps required to take organisations on the journey from where they are to where they need to be.


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