Formulas of the Theory of Incredibility

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Mark Meerovich
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Among the huge number of different benefits, offering to develop their creative abilities, this book, like 20 years ago when it was written, the main feature stands out – in her case studies offer clear algorithms forming creative thinking as a conscious, deliberate and controlled process.Author experienced firsthand that the application of the algorithm of inventive problem solving (ARIZ) to find solutions to problems and techniques of creative imagination can create his own style of thinking as well as to develop the skills of any other profession.

A living language spoken presentation makes the book accessible not only for high school students, students and teachers of subject, but also for the general public.

Mark Meerovich – TRIZ Master (Altshuller diploma Nr. 33), more than 20 years as a leading designer of automatic process control. After they met in 1984 with GS Altshuller began to actively develop and introduce TRIZ and by 1993, developed the basis of TRIZ pedagogy based on functional-systematic approach, using an algorithm for solving problem situations. Conducted more than 200 workshops on the application of TRIZ in various fields. Author of more than 70 articles on pedagogy, psychology, philosphy, sociology, economics, system analysis, the books Fundamentals of a culture of thinking (co-authored with L. Shragina – 1997). Textbook „The technology of creative thinking“ (co-authored with L. Shragina – 2000, 2003, 2008) on the list of basic literature for postgraduate several specialties of the leading universities of the CIS.

Notes from Robert Adunka:

The text above is taken from the backside of the book. The book is printed in Russia in 2013. I met the author on the international TRIZ conference in Kiev in 2013, where I saw this new english version of his book. As this is a book of an experienced TRIZ-Master, I had to get my hands on it. Therefore I bought a couple of books also for the TRIZ-Shop, as I think some of you TRIZ-enthusiastics will think the same way.


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